3 Goals of A Mobile Marketing Campaign

Before starting any mobile marketing or any marketing campaign in general it is ideal to work backwards with the end goal in mind.  There has to be a way to track your results and determine if the campaign was successful and if it will be worth doing for a second time. So if this is your first mobile rodeo then let us walk you through some of the ideal goals of doing  a mobile marketing campaign.

Goal #1 – Build A List

That might sound like a catch-22, but there are ways to get people to willingly give you their cell phone information in exchange for something of value. Ideally this will usually work for brick and mortar locations as well as people that are doing webinars. Building a list of mobile numbers can be extremely more valuable than getting an email list. You just haven’t heard so much about it yet because it is such a new concept. But believe us we have tested both, email conversion and mobile conversion and from the tests we ran, we have found the actions taken from a mobile campaign beat the action from the email campaign by nearly 76%.

Goal #2 – Bring Business Into A Store Front

Again this is going to take actually having access to your current customers, but this strategy can do so much for your business. For example, if you have a restaurant, all restaurant owners know that there are down times in the business. There might be a lunch rush and then a dinner rush.  But there is still staff that might be working that you are paying for to be present in the case that people come in. Consider giving your clients the ability to sign up for an exclusive discount club. Being able to send these text messages from 3-5pm will give you the ability to drive traffic to your restaurant when otherwise nobody is eating there. Granted when you send out a message you will have to give something of value, you have to present something along the lines of : Come in between 3 and 5 and get a free appetizer with an order of drinks.

When you first think of this it might seem like a lot to give away an appetizer, but the goal is that while they are there they will order other items and maybe even stay till dinner. Or even better they might bring new patrons into your restaurant that might have never known about your restaurant otherwise.

The goal of the SMS message it to get new customers and reward the current customers with a discount.

Goal #3 – Text Message Reminders

There is no doubt that we have a lot of information coming into our heads at all time. If it isn’t from Facebook or Twitter, it is coming in from calls on our phones.  So if you know that you are overwhelmed there is a good chance that your prospects might feel the same way. They may have the best intentions in mind to get online to listen to your webinar. But as we all know a lot of webinars are at night and once people get home from work or whatever it was they were doing during the day they may find themselves distracted and it is easy to miss a webinar.  This is when a SMS message Emergency Notification will come in handy.

Ideally it would be best to send an update to your list that the webinar starts in an hour.  Sending this by email will not help as much because they might be away from their computers at this time.

So I know that I said the webinar reminder is the goal, but that is the way to initiate the actual goal which is to get more people onto your webinar for attendance.  Which ideally the more people you can touch with your messages the higher likelihood that you are going to get more customers.

Brett’s Get To The Point Moment

Goals will differ between users of Call Loop.  But overall the main goal you will want to achieve is being to touch your clients or prospects in a way that they haven’t been reached before.  There is a thin line to walk with SMS marketing, especially when the people on the list might be prospects.  But if done correctly at proper times and with a valuable message, the conversions and actions taken from a SMS can far out weight any other marketing channel.

PS: If you are interested in learning more about how to do this, please leave a comment and start some interaction and we will get back to you fast.  If you have your opinion please also leave a comment and will get back to you asap. If you just can’t wait for that email us.

Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on Twitter at @chrisbrisson

  • This can be a excellent ideas specifically to these new to blogosphere, quick and correct information… Many thanks for sharing this 1. A should study report.

  • One of the challenges is to “close the loop” i.e. track the redemption of coupons, offers, etc. specially for a small business. How can a business capture this and send it back to the application providers such as us without expensive hardware & integration?

  • brett

    @krishna – ideally you would work with different coupon codes that would have to be recorded at time of purchase. You could get all fancy, but that would be recommended after you have done it successfully without major overhauls to your current system.

    If all fails just have a running tally and purchase numbers of what was bought. Then add it up after a while and determine if the amount earned was justified by the amount spent.

    There are more complex systems set in place but it will differ to business to business as to what POS they are using.