4 Proven Reasons Why SMS Marketing May Crush Email Marketing

Following in the post past, we are going to stick with the theme of Email marketing hanging out with Newspapers smoking cigars talking about the old days of mass reach and conversions and subscriptions. Those days are coming to an end, all of these forms of media are finding difficulty in getting their paydays in the hay-days.

Enter In… The Dude In Shorts…

Yes, this new comer to media outreach and conversions is the young SMS Marketing. So optimistic of the future and the growth of his career.  Ready to sit down with Sir e-mail after Newspaper and Radio have gone to sleep because it is past 9pm and Matlock marathon is starting.

After E-mail is tipsy from his tanqueray and tonic, he finally asks the young SMS marketing, “what makes you think you are so much better than us other media’s”?

SMS marketing, takes a sip of his Grey Goose and Redbull and explains, “e-mail I will tell you 4 reasons why I’m better than you, just don’t share this with Newspaper and Radio because they might try to buy Myspace again.”

Here are the 4 Reasons Why SMS Marketing May Be Better Than Email

1. 97% Open Rates Anyone?

average email open rates have been drastically sliding to lower and lower levels. People are so bombarded by email that even Google has implemented filters and special email settings that will prioritize peoples inbox, putting the message that are from people they most open from at the top. Google is using their power of algorithms to determine out open rates per user, what emails are priority and which are mass emails and secondary messages.

Google has for a long time, as has all other email providers, given the ability to filter messages based on preset criteria.  Previously it was at a users discretion.

However over the last couple months these open rates and filters have been incorporated to the email system. Leaving Google at the controls, basically controlling which emails get seen and which don’t.

SMS marketing on the other hand is unfiltered and straight to the user. They only way to get any closer is to implant a chip in their heads and deliver the message…who knows maybe one day that might happen.

No other form of communication has been compared to crack (crackberries) and there is actually a bunch of research showing people are addicted to their phones.

….so bottom-line, SMS gets heard. The message gets delivered and viewed.

2. SMS Text Message Marketing is Growing

SMS is having the most growth ever, better than any other media source that has ever been created. Watch the video e-mail on your…uh hum…phone here at the bar and see for yourself.

There is a whole generation that has totally missed the email demographics. They are using email only as a form of signing up for accounts for something they want to get into. They check it for verification and maybe to get that stray email from Grandma that just figured out the internet. But for the rest of their conversations and interactions it is going on in their hands and by their mouths.

3. SMS reaches people when you can’t.

Email is good for times when people are sitting in front of their computers and maybe going in with their phone and checking messages….mostly to clear it out of all the stuff that…you probably send.

SMS is reaching people at times when they aren’t even expecting.  My messages vibrate in their pockets asking them to put down the groceries with their right hand and reach over to their left pocket to see what I have to say. SMS is instant and now, my open rates are 97%. Basically meaning if someone has 2 phones I will get to them one way or the other.

4. People can talk back to SMS, what about your e-mail?

Granted they can talk back with STOP, just as they can unsubscribe.  But SMS also has the advantage of sending messages with a message coming back to the sender, instantly. Granted email is of course best used to drive open rates to click throughs to a landing page in the hopes that someone does your CTA.

With SMS our CTA is usually a lot less involved.  SMS has the advantage of not having to develop great graphics, video sales letters and hosting plans. The message can be swift and drive users to use a coupon that was just created and not needed to be printed.  It can also be sent to increase attendance to an event or restaurant while it is still within the same hour.

Basically we can both do the same things here…granted my CTA reaction and conversion time is like NASCAR fast while email…you are more moped trying to go fast enough to not get bit by the street dog.


SMS Marketing, realized that he might have offended e-Mail and changed his tune.  Granted E-mail there are great ways we can work together as well as there is great ways I can work with Newspaper and Radio.  You guys just have to let me into this club and see how we can collaborate. The possibilities are endless and our combined strength…well not to quote Star Wars or anything, but we could rule the galaxy….darth vader breathing …..darth vader breathing.

E-mail realized the potential and SMS marketing bought him a tanqueray and tonic. SMS decided to get a glass of water and go…he was leaving because he was late to a Puffy Party.


Bretts Get To The Point Moment

….I’ve said it all.

Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on Twitter at @chrisbrisson