[Part 1 of 4] 4 Steps To Making A Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Starting a mobile marketing campaign is always something that is going to take some diligent action setting it up correctly for success.  There are stages to a mobile marketing campaign and you will want to make sure that the recent blog proper message is coming at the right time and with the right message that leads to the best action for the people receiving the message.

The focus of this post is for the people that are holding webinars and how to make their mobile marketing campaign successful.

So lets get started with the first part of the process of getting people into your list for the signup of the webinar.

Step 1 Is Setup The Collection Correctly

We all know that people have their inbox flooded with new messages each and every day, how do we make sure that we are a step above this inbox and that our messages are going to get read?  One way is reach people on other channels outside of their inbox. This would include using paid advertising inside of Facebook and then using Twitter to try to increase webinar signups. One of our very good friends is having a significant amounts of success using the power of Facebook to drive people to a landing page that has a signup for a webinar.  Now we aren’t going to get into the details of what is involved with targeting and how the landing page should be created.  If that is your focus then you could always pay visit to the Product Pros.

But on those signup forms this is where we are going to introduce the first part of a successful mobile marketing campaign.  In the signup form use phone numbers as a required field.  People will argue that this will decrease kurtlar vadisi pusu 132. bölüm izle signups but all this really does is weeds out the people that were never going to take action regardless.  People that are hungry for knowledge and hopefully whatever you are presenting will have no problem with this.

Here is an example of how to present it in your landing pages.

Step 2  Prior To Webinar Send SMS Message

Just like in our previous step we described that email is bombarded with messages and there are filtering processes going on in peoples inbox that you may not be aware of, meaning there is a chance that your reminder to get on the webinar might never reach them at all.  Because of this it is best to use automated SMS messages to reach your attendees prior a day in advance, a couple hours before (this will be hard to test what is the best for time frame), and then 15 minutes prior to the actual webinar beginning.

The first point of contact is to refresh it in their minds, that they have something planned for the next day and need to remember this.  The second point of contact is to make sure if they are doing something else, that they need to keep the webinar in mind because they are going to attend this event in just a little bit.  Then the third point of contact is to make sure that they have enough time to get in front of their computers and go to the webinar page, get signed in and ready to be in listen mode.

Step 3 Post Webinar Follow Up

Now there are a number of ways that webinars are held but most have a CTA in the end of the event, unless it is a webinar series and has different goals for the listeners.  But if it is a standard webinar it is a good idea to have a followup SMS message go out.

If this event is being held at night, you just have to be wary of the time you are sending this message. People will drop from webinars when either they are not interested or it is running so late that they need to go to sleep.  So sending an SMS after 10pm EST is going to probably be a no-no.  I say 10pm EST because you have no real way of knowing where exactly all your audience is in the US.  But basing the fact that it is the latest in the EST first, this is the timezone to be wary about.

I know I know….but that means for the people on the PST it is going to be really early for them.  This part I don’t have an answer for yet.  The best that we have come up with in the past is to have an auto teleseminar system and cater your advertising in Facebook to people of different geographic locations and have it start at a time that is most ideal for that area of the country.

Step 4 Second Chance Offer

As marketers we all know the highest conversions are going to be at the heat of the moment for most people.  However there are those that freeze their credit cards in blocks of ice, so this part is for those people.  Then there are others that like to sit around with the idea, but we know the likelihood of these people becoming buyers declines more than the stock market when we hear about a jobs bill.

So what needs to be done here to revive these action squaters is to offer a second chance offer and change the details of the offer slightly.  You have to mention something either in the price or what they are getting for the offer that is different than what they had seen previously.  How and what you offer is really up to what your business can afford or develop that will still keep it in the green.  Something that might work here is giving something that is growing digital dust (previous product launch, etc).

Brett’s Get To The Point Moment

Well if you do all of these steps and are successful you will see how SMS messaging can be drastically influential to your business.  The other added benefit is that you will have a mobile list that you can keep in touch with to also build and grow the relationship that you have created.  The power of using SMS is amazing and the good part is that this is just one example in many of different industries that can use it in good marketing ways.


Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on Twitter at @chrisbrisson