Google Analytics Taking Mobile Tracking Deeper

Google analytics has been working on some really cool features for their updates to their system. One of the really cool features is the one that is included in the Visitors tab called Mobile.

Mobile isn’t new to analytics but it is new in this fashion. Previously you could only track what type of  operating system your visitors were coming from. This data could be important to know to make sure your site was formatted in the correct way so that visitors had a good user experience.  It was also beneficial for helping to know what kind of visitors you had to your website. If it was heavily in one direction, then it might lend itself to developing an app for that platform, be it iOS or Android.

However with the new introduction of Mobile under the visitors tab you will be able to gauge a lot more in depth who your visitor is, what they are doing on your site, how long they are staying and their path through your site.

You will be able to do this through a Mobile Overview Report which will give you a detailed breakdown of the mobile visitors and the non-mobile visitors.

This again is really interesting because you can get a better detailed overview of if your mobile marketing is working correctly and if your audience is actually engaged with your messaging.


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Staying on top of this ever changing industry is what is going to give those who adopt and utilize these new features an edge on the competition.  This is just one of the interesting ways that you can stay competitive in the mobile arena.

I personally would love to hear about your experience and if you are seeing a good amount of data yet from this new feature. Please leave a comment and share, or ask any question about this subject.

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Chris Brisson

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