How To Collect Emails From Simple Text Messages

There’s an easier way to collect emails when speaking on stage, from within your store, or from your website. It’s not your typical webform with name and email, but a highly effective way to collect the email addresses of almost anyone, anywhere, so long as they have a cell phone.

Now with Call Loop Mobile Keywords, you can collect the phone numbers AND email addresses of your subscribers right from their mobile phones just by sending you a text message. You can also collect first and last name too!

See How It Works!

Text “LOOP” to 38470

sms marketing

In just a few seconds, you’ll receive a text message back with a message that includes your email address. (SMS is only available in the US).

Your phone number and your email address and now stored in this Call Loop group from one text message.

From within your Call Loop account, you can easily export these contacts with their phone numbers and email addresses to then import them into your email autoresponder or CRM system.

It’s really that easy!

How To Access This Feature

This feature only works with our Text-to-Join Keywords so you will first need to secure your keyword from the members site. You can search a keyword, by logging into Call Loop, then clicking on “Keywords”, and by searching and securing your keyword. (just $10/mo!)

Once you have secured your keyword, you can create a group and start having people text in to join your group!

Login to Your Call Loop Account

The Text-To-Join Image Generator

To show your audience how to text in your keyword and their email to join your group, we created a simple “Text-to-Join Image Generator” that you can use to download your own image.

Display this image on your slides, in a presentation, or on a point of sale area in your store.

Text to Join Generator


Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on Twitter at @chrisbrisson

  • Very excited to see you guys implement this. It shows you really are listening to your market (I was one of those that requested this feature).

    While the video above seems to indicate that you can send an SMS autoresponse either immediately or at a later date/time, you didn’t indicate whether you can send a sequence of canned SMS follow up messages and one-time only (whole of list) broadcast messages, post capture.

    The other logical extension of this feature set would be to add email autoresponder sequence and one-time broadcast capability.

    While you could keep this later feature in-house, I’d rather have this integrate with our existing email provider (MailChimp). Doing it that way would allow us to take advantage of their high delivery rate performance and centralize our list building campaigns across multiple channels.

    I dare say that offering this feature via API access makes it a much simpler proposition for you as well!

    It may even be worthwhile implementing this feature via the integration platform at

    • You are on top of it!

      That is the exact next steps we have planned. Someone texts in to join with their email the 1st time or even in the two-way conversation after they optin, you can collect the email and if it’s connected to MailChimp push that email and other data to your email autoresponder to start a sequence. It’ll happen automatically for you.

      We actually have a new MailChimp integration coming out very soon which allows you to segment based on MailChimp groups and is captured in real-time. (ie: send a text *immediately* after they subscribe to a webform)

      Zapier is in the pipe too!

      Thanks for the feedback!

  • Such a great feature… CallLoop FO LIFE!

    Every restaurant in the U.S. should have a card on every table in their restaurant with a coupon offer when people txt in their email address.

    And every hair stylist, clothing store, tire shop… Nevermind, every business lol

    • 100% AGREE Justin! Everyone has a cell phone and can send text messages.

  • But how do you set it up?