How to Drive 7-25% More Attendance To Your Webinar

Webinars. They can drive tons of new revenue’s and sales into your business pretty quickly.

The challenge?

Getting people to attend them.

This is the single biggest challenge marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners face when hosting a webinar, but today, you will have a simple solution to drive more people to your event.

Email Open Rates are Plummeting

Let’s face it, as more and more spam runs through our inbox and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter take over more of our communication channels, we find ourselves checking less and less email.

In fact, in 2006 the average open rate for email was 16.5%, in 2008 it was 12.5% and in 2010 it’s less than 10%. In 2011, my guess is it will greatly fall below 9%.

So the challenge is, if no one is checking their email, how do you reach your prospects to remind them of the webinar they registered for?

Enter… SMS Text Messaging

SMS Gets You a 97% Open Rate

Let me ask you this…

“When was the last time, you NEVER checked a text message on your mobile device?”

If you’re like me the answer is close to never. I always glance, read, or check my phone when it rings, vibrates, and chimes in my pocket seeing whatever message has crossed my phone.

Did you know that within 15 minutes of you sending a text message stats are showing that your message will be read 85% of the time within the first 15 minutes? It’s true.

Ask For Their Mobile Phone Number

When visitors register for your webinar or event, ask them to include their mobile phone number and start building your SMS list. Inform them that you will remind them via SMS text before the event starts.

So imagine this situation…

It’s 8pm EST and your prospects have just finished dinner, relaxing with their families, and the last thing their doing is checking their email. They signed up for your webinar and really want to attend it.

You send them a text reminder that the event starts in 30 minutes along with a short url to watch the presentation.

That little extra push can greatly increase your webinar attendance, BUT there’s a important caveat to using this medium.

Don’t Spam

When people give you access to send them a text message it’s not to be like the traditional club promoter and text them about everything or every special that’s going on in your business.

Use mobile marketing wisely and strategically to maintain that relationship with your customer or prospect. Our phones are very personal and devices used only by “friends”, so keep it as that.

Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on Twitter at @chrisbrisson