How to Murder Your Mobile Marketing

If you’re looking to murder your mobile marketing subscriber list, then you’re going to love this article. In fact, of the thousands of campaigns I’ve seen over the years in mobile marketing, this one HUGE MASSIVE mistake is a surefire way to kill your mobile list.

Many people make the mistake of building their mobile list and only sending a message when they need to, in many cases days, weeks, or months later.

This is a HUGE no-no.

Think about it, you sign up for a list, include your phone number and 3 weeks later you get a random text message. Your immediate thought – SPAM! Or profanity may splurge out of your mouth like many of us.

THIS my friend is the way to…

Murder Your Mobile Marketing List

No one wants an unsolicited text message or random text from someone they don’t know. With text message marketing, it’s ALL about the relationship. The relationship you build in the begining, during, and after they join your list. It doesn’t stop or start 6 months later.

Now, you may be wondering, “Chris, how do I fix this?”

Great question!

Here’s the RIGHT WAY to kick-start your relationship with your list.

Setup an Immediate Text Message Followup

Inside Call Loop, we have “followups” or as many people know that as is “text message autoresponders.” They allow you to automatically drip out messages to your subscribers over time. For example, right after someone signs up, you can send them a “Welcome” text message or voice broadcast. Maybe 3 days later a text message asking them, “did you read the report yet?”

This multi-touch approach can make you look like a SUPERSTAR to your subscribers.

The best part?

It’s completely automated and your subscribers think it’s actually YOU sending the messages. It’s a great way to build and strengthen your relationship with your customers and subscribers.

This video will show you how to setup an immediate followup.

Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on Twitter at @chrisbrisson