Looking for an Emergency Broadcast System? Here Are 3 Reasons To Use Call Loop

Unless you are living under a rock you might have heard that there is a hurricane making landfall in the Eastern United States. She has been hoping from island to island and has decided to pay us a visit as well…how nice of Irene.

Being that it is the hurricane season and also being that I personally am a Florida resident I have a disaster plan in place. Making sure you have enough batteries, water, gas, a generator, flashlights, candles, canned food and of course beer there is another new disaster preparedness item that needs to be added to your list.  This would be making sure that you are able to reach your network of contacts all at once without having to repeat the same task over and over again.

Enter Call Loop – The Emergency Broadcast System

We are going to break down 3 of the main reasons that you need to add Call Loop to any Disaster Preparedness Plan.

Reason #1

With Call Loop you will be able to contact your entire network before disaster strikes. Instead of going through a phone list and calling every person and leaving a message that might not get listened to immediately, send a mass text message to them instead and know that they are going to see it. Everybody reads and views their text messages.

Reason #2

With Call Loop you can plan your messages to go out ahead of time. This will be ideal for a message to go out before the disaster to make new arrangements so that your network will know of any changes in a scheduled event. This is an ideal solution for sports teams, schools, or any other type of organized group.

Inside of Call Loop you can schedule your follow-up message to go out after the disaster so that the group that is getting the message know that the message coming now is relevant to the current situation. For example, schedule a message a day after the disaster is over, this way you know that even if the power is out they are going to be able to get their text messages on their phone.

Schedule things like : If power out then we are not meeting today or If power on then see you at 5pm.

The good part about this is that it is an – if then – situation so that you are covered either way.

Reason #3

Call Loop analytical backend can help in determining if someone is in trouble or not. Using an emergency broadcast system can make it easy to get the word out fast.

Now I know that statement sounds bold, but consider it like this : You sent out an emergency broadcast to your network, you are then able to see which numbers received and opened the message, from being able to see this information you will be able to identify which people might be in harm because they didn’t open the text message.  Ideally you will want to get on the phone with these people and find out if they are fine.

Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on Twitter at @chrisbrisson