Sign Up To Receive Local Weather Alerts

Quickly send emergency notifications and weather alerts to your contacts. Alert everyone in your group about emergencies, weather warnings, evacuation instructions, and alerts.

To receive local weather alerts and updates sent directly to your mobile phone, text in WEATHER to 38470.

For Government

Call Loop gives emergency officials the ability to communicate directly with their entire community in the event of a public emergency or weather warnings.

For Schools, Colleges, & Universities

Call Loop gives education officials the ability to communicate directly with students, faculty, staff, and parents in the event of an emergency.

For Business

Call Loop gives company officials the ability to communicate directly with employees in the event of an emergency. Send updates, alerts, and weather warnings.

Hurricane Alerts

Receive hurricane warnings and alerts sent to your mobile phone. Be alerted about recent changes, updates, and warnings.

Severe Weather Warnings

When a severe storms strike your town, you'll receive a text message update to your mobile phone.

Emergency Notifications

In an emergency weather situation, you'll receive a text message alert. Be warned at the first sight of a sever weather situation.

"Increased Webinar Show Up Rate 24%"

"Since I started using Call Loop to remind people of my webinars, I've increased my show rate by 24%. If you know anything about webinars, you know that that means some serious money. Using Call Loop we consistently make $3,000 - $5,000 more each webinar."

Brian Bagnall

"An Indispensable Addition"

"I can honestly say that using your service has been a piece of cake. Load your target list, record your message, set your timing, and away you go. Couldn't be easier and I can already see how this service will be an indispensable addition to my business' infrastructure."

James Kuhn

Analytics & Reporting

Instantly view your statistics, reports, and analytics in real time when you want!

Audio Management

Create high quality voice broadcast audios fast. Upload or record by phone.


Create and schedule a series of SMS autoresponders and sms autoreply messages.

Contact Manager

Manage hundreds and thousands of subscribers in your account with ease!

Delivery Reports

Know how each campaign performs for you with insightful metrics.

Marketing Automation

Automate your sms text and voice message marketing using our followups.

Mobile Web Forms

Create custom mobile web forms in seconds. Collect new subscribers with ease.

Name & Email Capture

Capture names and email addresses from your text messages automatically!

SMS Broadcasts

Send sms broadcasts and mass text messages to your mobile phone subscribers.

SMS Contests

Have people text to win your sms contest using your mobile keyword.

SMS Coupons

Drive sales by sending sms coupons and sms promotions in one click!

SMS Triggers

Trigger SMS text messages and voice broadcasts on demand when you want.

Short Codes

Have people text in your unique keyword to our short code to join your group.

Text Promotions

Create new sales and profits with your own customized and targeted texts.

Text To Join

Collect leads and grow your contact list with simple text to join mobile keywords.

Voice Broadcast

Send voice broadcasts to mobile and landline phones in seconds. It's simple.