Mobile IPO’s, Trading, Profiting & Protesting

Chris Brisson

Chris Brisson


May 9, 2024

Mobile IPO’s, Trading, Profiting & Protesting

You know how a lot of people walk around wondering about things they did and didn’t do in the past and figure when things suck it might be because they chose the wrong path?

That stock tip in 2000 to buy IPO or maybe when you heard that people are going to one day have phones in their pockets and you looked at them like they just told you they know gnomes… Now they look at you the same way and say, “You don’t gnome me!”

Yeah well this is going to be of the opposite approach. This is the good tip you didn’t get far enough in advance, we still have a lot of good times ahead for this industry. We are going to officially come out and say it…Mobile Has Made It. Yeah I said it Mobile is officially being looked at in ways it hasn’t previously.  By this I mean it is made it to Wall Street with a couple companies opening up on the NASDAQ.

Big Freaking Deal Chris

Ok I hear you, but consider one thing: Mobile in the form of something besides being just used as a telephone was changed pretty much as of 2007ish, yes Blackberries had some stuff but really making the mobile world cool was the iPhone and we all know it. From that point on the growth of smart phones has hit exponential proportions.

Once this happened the eyes of business starting looking its way and pumping money into figuring out how they were going to be making the big bucks with it. One of those big bucks ways is going to be in the amount advertising money that will be on mobile platforms. Currently it is about 15% of online advertising but it is expected to rise to 64% of all digital ads by 2015 as stated by Mobile Marketer.

Some of these early companies to go public are not being traded for lots of money, but it shows the potential of what is to come.  We are seeing the birth of (in the eyes of a lot of viewpoints): Mobiles Coming Of Age.  Mobile is now being considered SERIOULSY and it goes to show that if you as a company are not at least considering how to work this into your own marketing mix, then you will be following behind the competition.

Mobile Now Knows The Secret Handshake

If you are an active trader then these stocks might not make you think a whole lot about putting them into your portfolio, but I think it would be at least wise to keep an eye on them so that you can watch the changes and know who these pioneers are in this industry.

Brett’s Get To The Point

First off I am not qualified to give financial advice, Mc Hammer knows more about how to handle money than I. However I do know how to identify trends and watch for what is on the horizon and this is something of more to come. We are going to see more companies going public and we are only going to see the world in your hand grow in dollars and viewers.

To find out more about the stocks I am speaking about: SmallCap Network.

If you have some interesting info about this subject let me know. I am always curious as to how I can lose my money.

Chris Brisson

Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on X at @chrisbrisson

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