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Deliver ringless voicemails straight to voicemail with Call Loop's voicedrop technology in minutes. Easily record your audio, upload your contacts, and schedule your direct to voicemail messages to thousands of contacts.

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Skip The Call & Go Straight to Voicemail

Send your audio message straight to your contacts voicemail system. No call is made and a message is delivered.

Reach Mobile & Landline Phones

Ringless voicemail works by delivering your messages directly to both mobile and landline voicemails.

Upload Unlimited Contacts

There's no extra cost for the amount of contacts you want to add. Upload an unlimited amount of contacts for free.

TCPA Compliant

The FCC defines ringless voicemail as an "Enhanced Information Service" and is TCPA compliant.

Customized Caller ID

Show the caller id that you want to appear on your recipients phone when they receive your voicemail message.

Customized Audio Messages

Upload or dial-in to record your custom audio message. Customize your message to your target audience.

Analytics & Reporting

Track the success of your ringless voicemail campaigns to see how well they're performing for you.

No Setup Fee or Hidden Costs

Our simple pay-as-you-go platform makes it easy to use when you need to use it.

Integrate & Automate Your Messages

Easily integrate ringless into our integrations or use Zapier to connect with 1000+ apps!

"Increased Webinar Show Up Rate 24%"

"Since I started using Call Loop to remind people of my webinars, I've increased my show rate by 24%. If you know anything about webinars, you know that that means some serious money. Using Call Loop we consistently make $3,000 - $5,000 more each webinar."

Brian Bagnall


"The Response Is Outrageous!"

"With Call Loop we've run multiple text and voice broadcasts and we've experienced ridiculous response along with our highest registrations 30 days even before our upcoming event. As event promoter, I'm always "under the gun" to put 'butts in seats' and with Call Loop, I've got a lot less stress."

Dustin Mathews


Analytics & Reporting

Instantly view your statistics, reports, and analytics in real time.

Audio Management

Create high quality voice broadcast audios by uploading or call to record.


Create and schedule a series of SMS autoresponders and sms messages.

Bulk SMS

An online texting tool that allows you to send bulk sms online.

Contact Manager

Manage hundreds and thousands of subscribers in your account with ease!

Delivery Reports

Know how each campaign performs for you with insightful metrics.

Emergency Notifications

Send emergency notifications and alerts quickly, affordably, and easily.

Group Messaging

Send your voice or sms message to a small or large group of contacts.

Personalized SMS

Personalize your SMS message and easily merge first and last name.

Marketing Automation

Automate your sms text and voice message marketing.

Mobile Web Forms

Capture leads from mobile friendly sign up forms.

Name & Email Capture

Capture names and email addresses from text messages automatically!

Receive SMS Online

Receive texts online from contacts, customers, leads, and clients.

Ringless Voicemail

Send audio messages straight to voicemail with ringless voicemail.

Schedule SMS

Schedule your messages to go out in advance and we'll send them for you.

Secure SMS

Your account is secured by our 256-bit SSL security and backed up daily

Send SMS Online

All-in-one online sms portal to send and receive text messages online.

SMS Alerts

Send instant sms alerts and notifications in a few clicks.

SMS Broadcasts

Send SMS broadcasts and mass text messages to your contacts.

SMS Tracking

Shorten your links, track your clicks, and measure your results.

SMS Coupons

Drive sales by sending sms coupons and sms promotions in one click!

SMS Marketing

Generate more leads and sales using secure and effective sms marketing.

SMS Reminders

Reduce your no-shows with sms or voice broadcast reminders.

SMS Short Codes

Get your custom short code keyword to build your list without the costs.

SMS Triggers

Trigger SMS text messages and voice broadcasts on demand.

Text-to-Win SMS Contests

Have people text to win your sms contest using your mobile keyword.

Text To Join Keywords

Collect leads via text messages using customized keywords.

Voice Broadcast

Send voice broadcasts to mobile and landline phones in seconds.