Ringless Voicemail For Business: A Getting Started Guide

Chris Brisson

Chris Brisson


February 18, 2024

Ringless Voicemail For Business: A Getting Started Guide

Ringless voicemail or better know as voicemail drops are a unique tool that allows you to leverage the existing habits of your customers, clients, and employees without causing disruption to their daily routines.

In today’s fast-paced society, making sure your message is received amid the deluge of communications that people receive every day can prove challenging. With people receiving so many emails, notifications, messages, and alerts on a day-to-day basis, it often helps to take a multi-pronged approach.

In this post, we’ll help you to understand everything you need to know about ringless voicemail and how it can help boost engagement and sales in your organization.

What is Ringless Voicemail?

Simply put, ringless voicemail is a specialized software system that delivers prerecorded messages directly to a person’s cell phone voicemail. With Call Loop’s direct to voicemail technology, the phone never rings and you can deliver prerecorded audio messages to thousands of voicemail boxes at once.

The flexibility and scalability of ringless voicemail means that it can be used across multiple industries to achieve various goals – everything from lead generation to customer appreciation and alert notifications.

While ringless voicemail is quite often used for customer outreach, it can also be used internally to disseminate messages across various departments. In this way, ringless voicemail works to ensure that stakeholders are kept in the loop with important happenings within the company.

Why Choose Ringless Voicemail?

Once you understand the difference between traditional telemarketing, voice broadcasting, and straight to voicemail, it’s easy to spot several advantages right away:

  • Voicemail drops don’t disturb the recipient regardless of the day or time it’s delivered
    Most people listen to their voicemails before deleting them (but may hang up on a recorded broadcast message)
  • Ringless voicemail is often transcribed by voicemail-to-text services (so recipients are likely to read your message, even if they don’t listen)
  • Direct to voicemail technology is highly cost-effective, especially when compared to employing live operators to conduct calls
  • In addition to these more obvious benefits, a properly structured ringless voicemail campaign can be combined with other forms of outreach to create highly effective overall marketing or messaging campaign.

For example, you might use a voicemail drop to follow-up with warm leads in an ad campaign. This is particularly effective in generating callbacks because your personalized message can be tailored specifically to the offer in question.

Sending your messages straight to voicemail does not come across as a typical telemarketing communication, but rather a one-on-one message that encourages interaction and response.

How to Set Up Your First Campaign

Getting started with ringless voicemail simple. In general, you’ll want to follow these steps:

  1. Set a goal for your campaign. Setting a goal allows you to track objective results and gives you the means to evaluate the performance of your campaign. Goals for campaigns will vary, but at the very least you want to track how many people perform the desired action for the campaign. For example, you might track the number of leads that call back as a result of your campaign.
  2. Record your message. The best voicemail drop campaigns are personalized and highly targeted. For lead generation, your message should appear to be directed to an individual versus a mass broadcast. For informational campaigns, you should ensure that all relevant details are included succinctly within the message itself. Don’t be afraid to write a script! This can help you to organize your thoughts and ensure that you communicate effectively with your audience.
  3. Schedule a time. One of the benefits of ringless voicemail is that it can be delivered at any time without disturbing the recipients. However, scheduling is still important as you want to be sure that people listen to your message in a timely fashion. Consider when your audience is most likely to be checking their emails, whether this is on a lunch break or at another time throughout the day, and schedule voicemail delivery prior to those times throughout the day.
  4. Track your results. Once your campaign has launched, keep up with ongoing results and make adjustments as necessary. This is particularly important when ringless voicemail is a part of a multifaceted outreach campaign.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

When setting up your campaign, there are a few best practices that can help you to avoid the most common mistakes people make when sending messages straight to voicemail. Here are the major issues you’ll want to be aware of as you set up your own campaigns.

Little or No Targeting

Because ringless voicemail works best when perceived as a direct message versus a scripted “blast”, it helps to target your audience in a way that lets you leave a custom message that will apply to everyone in the group. More generalized messaging may be perceived as telemarketing spam and will not get the same level of engagement.

Poor Messaging

Vague or unclear messages don’t generate results. Make sure the recipient understands why they are receiving the message, who you are, and be very specific about the action that you want them to take. This can be as simple as requesting a callback, so long as the listener understands why they need to call you back.

Inadequate Follow-Up

Have a system in place for following up with people who may respond after hours, or through other channels that you don’t expect (i.e. submitting a contact form when you expected a phone call). If you are running a large-scale campaign, ensure appropriate staff is aware of how to route any inquiries from leads and customers for this specific campaign if there are differences when compared to how you usually handle inbound communications.

Fortunately, a well-planned ringless voicemail campaign will sidestep most of these pitfalls by default.

Measuring the Success of Your Ringless Voicemail Campaign

If you’ve set up specific goals for your campaign, measuring the results is straightforward. Here are some metrics that you might track to measure the performance of your voicemail drop campaign and compare it to your other marketing initiatives:

  • Deliverability – how many people successfully received the message compared to other channels?
  • Response Rate – what percentage of people responded to your message versus other channels?
  • Quality of Response – what percentage of people performed the desired action versus other channels?
  • Complaint Rate – what percentage of people complained about your messaging versus other channels?
  • Overall ROI – when comparing costs to results, how did your ringless voicemail campaign compare to your other marketing initiatives?

By objectively evaluating your campaigns using the same KPIs, you will be able to zero in on which campaigns are most effective. Depending on your industry, you may find that sending messages direct to voicemail performs best on a particular type of campaign, or as a complement to your established campaigns. Once you find an implementation that works for your business, don’t be afraid to experiment and further optimize your campaigns. And don’t forget about SMS texting messaging for your campaigns. Need inspiration, check out these sample text messages to send to your customers.

Need Help to Get Started?

Our Quick Start Guide for Ringless Voicemail will help you build and launch your first campaign from the ground up. Click here to download the guide. If you’d like personalized, step-by-step guidance with setting up your voicemail drop campaign in our system, give us a call or create your free Call Loop account.

Chris Brisson

Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on X at @chrisbrisson

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