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SMS & mms text messaging

Send texts + pics to
10 or 10,000 contacts

Effortlessly build your list using "text-to-join" keywords, webforms, and integration partners. Send mass texts, appointment reminders, coupons, SMS contests, and set up voice & SMS autoresponders to drive sales.

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SMS Bulk Texting

Send SMS or MMS messages to thousands at once. Easily create, edit, and schedule mass texts.

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Text to Join Keywords

Grow your list effortlessly with SMS keywords. Let customers join your list by texting a specific keyword.

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Rich Media MMS Texting

Enhance your texts with images, gifs, emojis, and more. Make your messages vibrant and engaging.

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Schedule Text Messages

Plan and schedule texts to send at the perfect time. Automate your messaging with ease.

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Contact Lists & Segmentation

Organize contacts into lists and segments for precise targeting. Reach your audience effectively.

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Toll-Free Texting

Send SMS texts using an approved toll-free number for instant engagement and connection.

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Custom Fields for Personalization

Personalize your texts with custom fields. Include unique data for each contact to make messages more relevant.

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Easily add fun and expressive emojis to your texts, making your messages more engaging and personal.

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Share Contacts with vCards

Easily share contact information with vCards. Include complete contact details in your texts seamlessly.

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Merge Fields {{firstname}}

Use merge fields like {{firstname}} to add a personal touch to every text. Enhance engagement with personalization.

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NEW Click Tracking

Monitor link performance with click tracking. See who engages with your texts in real time and track revenue from your campaigns.

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NEW Shorten Links

Create concise, trackable links with our link shortener. Keep your messages neat and actionable for recipients.

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NEW Toll-Free Compliance

Get approved for compliance in less than 24 hours. Easy setup ensures that your messages are approved and delivered.

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NEW Number Validation

Verify phone numbers in real-time to improve message deliverability. Reduce bounce rates by targeting valid numbers only.

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NEW Double Opt-In

Enhance engagement and compliance with double opt-in. Confirm subscriptions with follow-up messages.

Try Text-to-Join

Text LOOP to (888) 806-3326 to see how Call Loop's text-to-join system works.

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Voice Broadcasting

Fast & reliable
automated calling

Easily set up automated calling and voice broadcasting. Record a message, choose the send day and time, and we'll deliver it to hundreds or thousands of contacts within minutes.

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Live Answer Detection

Automatically detect when a call is answered live and respond accordingly. Enhance engagement with real-time interaction.

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Answering Machine Detection

Identify and handle calls answered by machines. Leave tailored messages ensuring your voicemail reaches the intended recipient.

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Press-1 Call Transfers

Allow recipients to press 1 to be instantly connected to a live agent. Improve customer engagement and response rates.

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Use Your Own Caller ID

Customize the caller ID that appears on recipients' phones. Increase recognition and trust with your own number.

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Upload Audio Files (.mp3,.wav)

Easily upload pre-recorded audio files for your campaigns. Ensure professional and consistent messaging.

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Record From Your Computer

Record your audio messages directly from your computer. Streamline your workflow and save time.

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NEW DNC "Do Not Call" Management

Manage and comply with Do Not Call lists effortlessly. Ensure your campaigns are compliant with regulations.

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NEW Ai Text-To-Speech

Convert written text into natural-sounding speech. Enhance your messages with realistic AI-generated voice.

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NEW Dial-in To Record Audio

Dial in from any phone to record your audio messages. Conveniently create messages on the go for you or your team.

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Ringless voicemail drops

Drop audio messages straight to voicemail

Easily send thousands of ringless voicemail messages directly to your contacts’ voicemail without ringing their phones. Create your voicemail audio message, upload your contact list, and deliver your message instantly.

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Upload Unlimited Contacts

Add as many contacts as you need without restrictions. Easily manage large lists for effective campaigns.

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Customize Your Caller ID

Set your own caller ID for outgoing messages. Enhance trust and recognition with a personalized touch.

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Mobile & Landline Delivery

Deliver messages to both mobile phones and landlines seamlessly. Ensure broad reach across all devices.

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Record Audio From Your Computer

Create high-quality audio messages directly from your computer. Save time and streamline your recording process.

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Upload Your Audio (.mp3,.wav)

Easily upload pre-recorded audio files. Ensure consistency and professionalism in your ringless voicemail campaigns.

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Schedule Your Voicemails

Plan and schedule your voicemails to be sent when you want. Maximize engagement with timely delivery.

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Unlimited Audio Recordings

Record and use as many audio messages as needed. Perfect for diverse campaigns and frequent updates.

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NEW Text-To-Speech (for Ringless)

Convert text into natural-sounding speech for ringless voicemails. Enhance messages with realistic AI-generated voices.

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NEW Pay Per Successful Drop

Only get charged for messages that are successfully delivered. Optimize your budget with cost-effective communication.

Try Voice Broadcasting

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New! Send Automated & Personalized Multi-Channel Drip Campaigns

Easily create and automate dynamic drip campaigns that sends targeted SMS, automated calls, and ringless voicemails over time to your contacts.

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NEW Unlimited Campaigns

Run as many campaigns as you need without any limits. Create, edit, start, stop, and manage your campaigns with ease.

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NEW SMS + Voice + Ringless

Combine SMS, voice, and ringless voicemail into one seamless platform. Streamline your communication strategy.

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NEW Delay Timers

Set delay timers to control when your messages are sent by the minute, hour, day, week, month, and year.

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NEW Send on Calendar Date

Schedule messages to be sent on specific calendar dates. Perfect for time-sensitive campaigns.

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NEW Send on Custom Date Fields

Use custom date fields to deliver your messages based on the date on the contacts custom date field.

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NEW Send on Custom Date + Time Fields

Schedule messages for the exact date and time on the specific contacts date & time field. Powerful automation!

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NEW Appointment Reminders

Send automated reminders for upcoming appointments. Reduce no-shows and improve customer satisfaction.

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NEW Drip Sequences

Create and manage drip sequences to nurture leads. Deliver consistent and relevant content over time.

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NEW Robust Reporting & Analytics

Access detailed reports and analytics to track campaign performance. Make data-driven decisions to optimize results.

Seamlessly integrates and automates with your apps

Add multi-channel messaging campaigns to your existing tech stack

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"A must have!"
"Call Loop makes it easy to send personalized messages and manage campaigns seamlessly. It’s indispensable for our business."
Nasir K.
Sr. Executive Design
"Streamlines our SMS texting"
"Call Loop streamlines SMS messaging sequences and boosts direct communication, making it easy for connecting with users effectively."
James c.
James C.
Director of Advertising Ops, Drive
"Text to join keywords work great!"
"Call Loop seamlessly integrates with our client radio campaigns, effortlessly starting follow-up sequences via text keywords."
Will S.
Digital Marketing Administrator, Thomas
"It's just so simple to use!"
"With the exchange of a few words, people can purchase our products all from texts. No more worrying about getting wifi, square or whatever."
Valorie H
CEO, Actor's Fast Track
"50% Opt-in Rate!"
"I used Call Loop with an audience to collect email address and I was able to get 50% optin rate by having people text in their emails to me."
Laurel G.
Living Your Light
"24% boost in webinar attendance"
"To remind people of my webinars, I've increased my show rate by 24%. Using Call Loop we consistently make $3,000 - $5,000 more each webinar."
Brian B
Brian B.
"Call Loop is a winner"
"High impact automated systems which integrate simply and are reliable make Call Loop a winner for us. It makes following up so easy and autoamted."
William A.
William Avon Financial
"It was crucial to our campaign"
"Call Loop was a crucial part of building our Car Giveaway campaign. It's an easy and effective way to get people to sign up!"
Brian O
Brian O.
Valley Hi Toyota
"Transformed my lead generation"
"Call Loop has transformed my speaking engagements. Leads can easily type a keyword to receive valuable content —via text."
Jenna R
Jenna R.
Brave Masters
"31% increase in close rates!"
"Call loop is extremely easy to set up and use. It has allowed us to increase our customer retention and close rates by 31%!"
John K.
Gentext Painting

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