How to Turn a Speech Into a Lean, Mean, Lead-Generating Machine

Chris Brisson

Chris Brisson


May 9, 2024

How to Turn a Speech Into a Lean, Mean, Lead-Generating Machine

You’re awesome. You’ve got a product/service that’s innovative and is going to revolutionize the way people do things. And you’ve got to make sure the world knows.

Lead generation from the stage

Consistent quality content creation is KEY to growing your brand.

Whether it’s a book, blog, free download, video, or whatever, creating content is integral for establishing expertise in your field.

And one of the best ways to showcase the expertise you’ve worked tirelessly to garner is through speaking events.


Because being an expert is a game changer. Knowing that the crowd consists of people who value your knowledge and are there giving you 100% of their attention is powerful situation to be in.

We recently heard about one of our customers, Greg Hickman of Mixed Media, using Call Loop to turn one of his speaking gigs into a lead-generating machine with a 44% conversion rate.

This post is based off of Greg’s experience and how he used text-to-convert to grow his email newsletter list in five minutes. We have a free case study with more details, examples, and secrets of how he did it.

Text-to-convert at speaking gigs: The easiest leads you will ever get.

The distinction is easy: when people are sitting listening to a speaker, they’re doing just, only, exclusively that.

When they’re in between speeches (say, at a conference), they’re talking, shaking hands, exchanging cards, running to the bathroom, checking themselves to make sure they didn’t leave anything in the previous room, scanning the Twittersphere, and trying to remember in what direction the Main Stage is.

In a word, no…they’re probably not going to remember to go to your landing page and sign up for your newsletter, no matter how compelling your call to action was.

This is why, as a speaker, the most effective thing you can do while on stage is immediately engage them.

Text-to-convert is the best way to do this because they’ve all got a phone–and not only that, but they’re probably itching to check it.

Give them a reason to check it. Give them a reason to use it. Ask them to open up their messaging app, and shoot you a text.

1. Hyper-target subscribers with groups

You’ve got your Call Loop account, and you’re engaging people with it.

Make the most of it at events by creating a specific group with a specific keyword, just for your event.

You can even further segment by creating different text words: maybe offer some people a SMS coupon code, and others an opportunity to sign up for a new product beta.

There are countless ways to use groups to hyper-target–and they’re worth your time because the more targeted your message (or product), the more happy people will be with it.

2. Pick unique keywords

If you’re giving a talk about lead generation, use a term specific to lead generation. Or interpretive dance. Or both.

You want to pick an uncommon word, so you don’t end up getting some stray sign-ups (for example, I’d recommend steering clear of using SAVE).

Instead, use this as an opportunity to reinforce people of your products or your brand.

This way, you can also create a way to stay on peoples’ minds–because who ever really differentiates with the term SAVE, anyway?

3. Follow up

Once you’ve nailed the lead, however, it’s important to continue to engage with people.

Their sign up may be spur-of-the-moment, and it’s your job to make sure they don’t regret giving you their precious phone number or email address.

Just like when you meet anyone, be polite, say thank you, and don’t spam them. Especially don’t spam them.

If people sign up for discounts, or to learn more about something, that’s them telling you what they want.

Keep them happy by delivering just that.

4. Share your CTA


You’ve stood on stage and talked to a large crowd of people, you’ve gotten them to text you, you’ve engaged them and you’ve followed up.

Most people will stop there, but not you! Because you know how to really bring home the bacon.

No, you push on and spread your call to action. Not in a spammy way, remember that thou shalt not spam. Instead send  but in an I really want to help you way.

Tell people about free content, offer them discounts for giving feedback and sharing with their friends, etc.

Greg Hickman offered webinars, and reminded people through automated voice and text messages. Because he genuinely believes his content will help people, so he doesn’t want them to miss out.

Speaking to generate leads

Get out there and book your speaking events.

They’re a great way to meet interesting people, and to be one of the interesting people attendees meet.

Go set to make the most of it, and keep Call Loop ready and aimed.

Are you a speaker? How do you use conferences to generate leads? We’d love to hear below!

Chris Brisson

Chris Brisson

Chris is the co-founder and CEO at Call Loop. He is focused on marketing automation, growth hacker strategies, and creating duplicatable systems for growing a remote and bootstrapped company. Chat with him on X at @chrisbrisson

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