Anti-Spam Policy

We hate spam as much as you do.

Spamming people with text messages or voice broadcasts is not good or ethical business. We do not treat spammers lightly and do everything in our power to protect our users and the recipients of the messages.

I think a user is spamming me. What do I do?

If you believe that a Call Loop user is spamming you, please contact us on our support desk with information or the message you received so we can take appropriate action.

What happens if I spam, or try to spam?

We do not treat spammers lightly and users who abuse the Call Loop platform. If we feel you are spamming messages that are inappropriate or are receiving too many complaints from users in our system we will do the following:

What is considered spam?

Spam is unsolicited text messages or voice broadcasts that is sent to an individual who has not correctly "opted-in" or requested receiving information from you. Sending mass messages to bulk lists is prohibited and against Call Loop's terms of service.

You may send messages to individuals who have opted in to receive information from you.