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Record, schedule, and send your voice broadcasts to a few or a few thousand. Direct to voicemail, call transfers, or customize your audio for live or voicemail messages. It's fully customizable.

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Voicemail & Live Answer Only Options

Customize your voice blasts with two messages: one for a live pickup and an alternative message for voicemail.

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Customized Audio Delivery

Play message "A" when the person picks up and play message "B" when it goes to voicemail. Deliver the right message!

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Complete Scheduling Control

Send your voice broadcasts when you want. Select the days, the exact time, or a time range when to deliver your messages.

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Live Transfers & Call Forwarding

Give voice broadcast recipients the option to be transferred directly to a live agent to place or order, confirm an appointment, or any other activity.

Customized Caller ID

Enter in your own caller id for your automated phone calls. Show the caller id that you want to appear on your recipients phone when they're called.

Voice Recognition

Your message is only played when a real persons voice or answering machine is detected. A precise system to detect when a real caller is on the line.

Everything you need

Analytics, audio management, autoresponders, contact management, delivery reports, marketing automation, SMS triggers, SMS broadcasts, short codes, SMS contests & coupons, voice broadcasts, and a whole lot more.

It automates my advertising

"I am a Realtor and Call Loop has allowed me to amass a buyers list of hundreds with just 1 hour a week. It provided the tool that allowed my business to create systems instead of to do's!"

Roger L.

Roger L.

Key Realty

It's a HUGE time saver for us

"Call loop helped me save a ton of time. I use to call back all of my leads, but now I can everyone in one fell swoop instead of one by one. I highly recommend Call Loop!"

Chue Lor

Chue Lor

Chue Properties

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