SMS Marketing

It's easier than ever to create text message marketing campaigns to capture leads, drive sales, or engage your audience. Easily create your text message and send it out in just a few clicks.

Capture Leads from SMS

Easily capture email leads using our text to join keyword feature. Build your list automatically from anywhere at anytime.

Drive Sales with SMS Coupons

Send out a text message coupon with a deadline and watch your sales soar. It's the easiest way to make sales with text marketing.

Schedule Campaigns in Advance

Create a series of sms broadcasts that include links, coupons, or simple calls to action to generate more revenue for you.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Include a link in your text marketing campaign and drive people back to your website to capture a lead or generate a sale.

Advertise Last Minute Deals

When time is running out, send out a text message to your contacts to create more revenue for your business.

Announce Webinars & Events

Need to drive more webinar attendance? Send a simple text message reminder and watch your attendance numbers rise up.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for Short Message Service, commonly referred to as text messaging, or texting. SMS marketing is a technique used to transfer marketing communications to interested customers who have given their explicit permission to be subscribed to texts from your business. Companies and organizations use this method to alert subscribers about specials, coupons, sales, promotions and more via highly targeted, permission-based, opt-in text messages. Messages must be short and concise and the results are proven to increase revenue and build customer loyalty.

Why Use SMS Marketing?

  • It's permission based, in that customers have given their explicit permission to be marketed to by having texted a particular keyword to a short code or signed up via email
  • It’s a mass communication tool that allows you to get in touch with subscribers simply at the click of a button
  • It's instantaneous and will get your message out to customers at the exact date and time you need them to see it
  • It's trackable and allows you to easily measure the messages that are working and those that aren't, so you can always be improving text messages and marketing campaigns across numerous platforms

8 Ways SMS Marketing Benefits Your Business

  • Reach Everyone
    All mobile devices can receive texts, while only smart-phone users can access email

  • Achieve Instantaneous Contact
    SMS texts notify and alert users immediately, unlike email, which needs to be open, clicked and refreshed

  • Have Complete Control Over Your Message
    Schedule an exact time to deliver the perfect message at specifically the right moment

  • Promote Your Website
    Drive traffic to your landing page and websites, earning clicks and starting more conversions.

  • Reward Your Customers
    Send discounts and special offers to your customer base.

  • Advertise Offers
    Text coupons with discounts offered for a limited time, as customers are more likely to jump on a deal that won’t last

  • Keep Your Customers in the Loop
    Text your base with updates on new products, features or availabilities

  • Announce Events
    Let your customers be the first to know about upcoming events, sales or conferences

How Call Loop Can Help With SMS Marketing Campaigns

Call Loop has a plethora of tools to help you with your SMS text message marketing
  • Import contacts easily through our import wizard
  • Customize keys words and personalize SMS text messages online
  • Send bulk SMS messages to a personalized lists of group subscribers
  • Use our analytics & reporting to instantly view statistics in real time to help you understand which text message marketing campaigns are performing
  • Set up autoresponders to follow up with subscribers at specific times

SMS Text Messaging DO’s and DON’T’s

There are certain ways to get the best out of your text messaging marketing campaigns and other ways to ensure customers unsubscribe. Be sure to follow this list of DO’s and DON’T’s and you’ll always avoid the dreaded opt-out!
  • DO – Be clear about what they’re getting into.
    Customers are giving you permission to contact them directly, so be sure you are using direct and concise language so there are no surprises when they receive their first text.

  • DO – Get their permission to be texted.
    Use text to join keywords or upload your subscriber email list to ensure you have customers’ permission to contact them

  • DO – Keep in touch with your customers.
    We recommend one text every week or two, but make sure you let your customers know the frequency you will text on the follow up message from their initial opt in.

  • DO – Let them know this fact!
    A disclaimer stating that text message data rates apply on the follow up text is extremely important and required by the CTIA (The Wireless Association).

  • DO – Use your text messaging marketing campaign during normal business hours.
    No one wants to receive promotional texts too early in the morning or too late at night.

  • DO – Provide value.
    You should be rewarding your loyal subscribers by offering them deals or alerting them to events they would miss out on if they hadn’t allowed you to get in touch with them.

  • DO – Use your words.
    Use simple to understand language and create a short and concise message for your subscribers with a clear point and call to action.

  • DO – Provide an exit.
    Although you want to avoid losing subscribers, you must provide them an easy way for customers you opt out of receiving messages from you.

  • DON’T – Be vague or you’re sure to get an immediate “STOP”.

  • DON’T – Assume you have permission when you do not.
    It will hurt your brand and could lead to hefty spamming penalty fees.

  • DON’T – Text message excessively.
    No one likes to be bothered all the time, and since messaging data rates apply, you don’t want to end up costing your subscribers money.

  • DON’T – Leave out messaging rates.
    Your business could be subject to a potential lawsuit.

  • DON’T – Be afraid to get creative.
    If the timing fits with your SMS message marketing campaign, say for a free morning coffee, then go ahead and schedule that early morning text. You could make someone’s day!

  • DON’T – Go too long without getting in touch.
    Customers may forget all about you, or worse – think you forgot about them.

  • DON’T – Overuse texting shorthand.
    Bc no1 wnts 2 read this tbh – See? Did you even know what that meant?

"50% Optin Rate!"

"I used Call Loop with an audience to collect email address and I was able to get 50% optin rate by having people text in their emails to me. It was so easy!

Laurel Gregory

Living in Your Light

"Call Loop gives us 614% ROI!"

"When we use Call Loop for our webinars and teleseminars, it always drives us more attendance and more sales. We don't ever host a webinar without sending a voice broadcast and text message."

Mitch M.

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Analytics & Reporting

Instantly view your statistics, reports, and analytics in real time.

Audio Management

Create high quality voice broadcast audios by uploading or call to record.


Create and schedule a series of SMS autoresponders and sms messages.

Bulk SMS

An online texting tool that allows you to send bulk sms online.

Contact Manager

Manage hundreds and thousands of subscribers in your account with ease!

Delivery Reports

Know how each campaign performs for you with insightful metrics.

Emergency Notifications

Send emergency notifications and alerts quickly, affordably, and easily.

Group Messaging

Send your voice or sms message to a small or large group of contacts.

Personalized SMS

Personalize your SMS message and easily merge first and last name.

Marketing Automation

Automate your sms text and voice message marketing.

Mobile Web Forms

Capture leads from mobile friendly sign up forms.

Name & Email Capture

Capture names and email addresses from text messages automatically!

Receive SMS Online

Receive texts online from contacts, customers, leads, and clients.

Schedule SMS

Schedule your messages to go out in advance and we'll send them for you.

Secure SMS

Your account is secured by our 256-bit SSL security and backed up daily

Send SMS Online

All-in-one online sms portal to send and receive text messages online.

SMS Alerts

Send instant sms alerts and notifications in a few clicks.

SMS Broadcasts

Send SMS broadcasts and mass text messages to your contacts.

SMS Tracking

Shorten your links, track your clicks, and measure your results.

SMS Contests

Have people text to win your sms contest using your mobile keyword.

SMS Coupons

Drive sales by sending sms coupons and sms promotions in one click!

SMS Marketing

Generate more leads and sales using secure and effective sms marketing.

SMS Reminders

Reduce your no-shows with sms or voice broadcast reminders.

SMS Short Codes

Get your custom short code keyword to build your list without the costs.

SMS Triggers

Trigger SMS text messages and voice broadcasts on demand.

Text Promotions

Create new sales and profits with your own customized and targeted texts.

Text To Join Keywords

Collect leads via text messages using customized keywords.

Voice Broadcast

Send voice broadcasts to mobile and landline phones in seconds.