Emergency Notifications

Send emergency notifications and alerts quickly, affordably and easily.

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Emergency Notifications
Emergency Notifications
Upload Contacts
Easily upload a list of contacts to your group, create your sms notification, and have it sent out immediately to everyone.
Emergency Notifications
Instant Delivery
Send your text message or voice broadcast and within minutes your contacts will get the message instantly with no delay.
Emergency Notifications
Phone Calls & SMS Texts
Choose to send out a voice broadcast or an SMS text to everyone on your contact list. Get your emergency notification out quickly.

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"With the exchange of a few words, people can purchase our products. No more worrying about getting wifi, square or whatever. We love that we can just tell them to text us!"

Valorie H

Valorie H

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"I used Call Loop with an audience to collect email address and I was able to get 50% optin rate by having people text in their emails to me. It was so easy!"

Laurel G

Laurel G

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